Helping people saving and enjoying the nature

Adansonia rubrostipa on Madagascar
Frog, South Africa
Spider Crab, Galapagos
Black Eagle, South Africa

GUIDING - Enjoy the wild - in the wild

 To really appreciate and understand the magnificent and glory of the wild - you have to experience it first hand.

 After numerous tours around the world to enjoy, document and help the nature, HT1 are able to offer almost any adventure into the nature. There are even thrills to be experienced in the nature near to you, provided the right guide.

 Additionally, there are still white spots on the map to be explored. HT1's guide has explored some of these, like uninhabited temperate jungle in the cloud forest of northern Ecuador. Exportations to some central African villages as the first white, and the same to some remote areas of China.

 Time can be crucial as well as intelligence. Exploring unknown territory takes planning, if the time is limited. HT1 can take hand of this, leaving you all the time to enjoy. So fare, HT1 has covered the areas marked with red on the map below.

Argentina 03+13, Australia 02, Austria 99, Bangladesh 15, Belgium 95, Bhutan 15, Bonaire 06+08, Botswana 16, Chile 12, China 88, Costa Rica 99, Cuba 97, Cyprus 82, Denmark 64->, Eastern Germany 74, Ecuador 97+09,  Egypt 81, England 16,France 99, Galapagos 10, Gambia 96, Greece 98, Germany 03+04+06+12, Hong Kong 02, India 04+15, Israel 78, Italy North 87+South 93, Jordan 79, Kenya 98, Laos 00, Lesotho 15, Madagascar 06, Madeira 97, Malaysia 90, Morocco 80, Mozambique 16, Mexico 03, Mykonos 99, Namibia 08, Nepal 14, The Netherlands 01+03+04+06, New Zealand 97, Norway 94, Pakistan 89, Panama 99, Papua New Guinea 02, Philippines 05, Senegal 96, Singapore 09, Scotland 97, Spain 86, Sulawesi 09, Sumatra 96, Swaziland 15, Sweden 83, Swiss, South Africa 05+07+09, Sri Lanka 13, Tenerife 92, Thailand 98, Tunisia 85, Turkey 99, USA 96+09, USSR 84, Vietnam 12, Wales 16, Western Germany 76, Zimbabwe 16.